Working Capital


Unlock financial flexibility with our Overdraft services, allowing businesses to access additional funds beyond their account balance. This flexible credit facility provides a cushion for unforeseen expenses or temporary cash flow gaps. With competitive interest rates and convenient repayment terms, our Overdraft solutions empower businesses to navigate financial challenges seamlessly while maintaining operational efficiency.

Bank Guarantee:

Secure your business transactions with confidence through our Bank Guarantee services. A bank guarantee acts as a commitment from the bank to fulfill financial obligations on behalf of a business in case of non-performance. Enhance your credibility in the market, facilitate trade, and embark on new ventures knowing that your financial commitments are backed by our reliable bank guarantee solutions.

Packing Credit

Fuel your international trade operations with Packing Credit, a short-term finance option designed to support businesses in the pre-shipment stage. This credit facility enables businesses to meet expenses related to the processing, packing, and transportation of goods for export. With competitive interest rates and flexible terms, our Packing Credit solutions ensure a smooth and efficient export process for your business.

Export Credit:

Accelerate your global business expansion with our Export Credit services. Designed to support businesses involved in international trade, export credit provides financial assistance for various export-related activities. From pre-shipment financing to post-shipment financing, our tailored solutions facilitate seamless trade operations, ensuring your business capitalizes on global opportunities.

Inventory Funding

Optimize your working capital and streamline inventory management with our Inventory Funding solutions. This financing option allows businesses to leverage their existing inventory as collateral to access funds. Whether you need to restock, manage seasonality, or navigate unexpected demand fluctuations, our Inventory Funding solutions offer the financial support necessary for efficient inventory management.

Cash Credit

Experience financial agility with our Cash Credit solutions, providing businesses with a revolving line of credit based on their operational needs. This flexible financing option allows businesses to withdraw funds as needed, up to a predetermined limit. With competitive interest rates and convenient repayment terms, our Cash Credit services empower businesses to meet short-term financial requirements and seize growth opportunities without disruption.


Frequent Asked Questions

What is an EMI in the context of a home loan in India?

EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) is a fixed monthly payment comprising both principal and interest, ensuring timely loan repayment.

What is the role of a co-applicant in a home loan application in India?

A co-applicant can be a spouse or family member whose income and credit score are considered to enhance eligibility and loan amount.

Can I get a home loan for a property under construction in India?

Yes, lenders offer loans for under-construction properties, and disbursement occurs in stages as construction progresses.

How does the Indian home loan process differ for NRI applicants?

NRIs can apply for home loans in India, and the process involves additional documentation, including proof of income abroad.

What is the role of a home loan guarantor in India?

A guarantor is responsible for repaying the loan if the primary borrower defaults, providing an additional layer of security for the lender.

Can I switch from a fixed-rate to a floating-rate home loan in India?

Yes, many lenders allow borrowers to switch between fixed and floating rates, but certain terms and conditions may apply.

How is the interest rate on a home loan calculated in India?

Interest is typically calculated on a reducing balance method, where interest is charged on the outstanding principal amount.

What is the significance of the RERA Act in the Indian real estate sector?

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, or RERA, aims to protect homebuyers and regulate the real estate industry, promoting transparency and accountability.

Can I avail of a home loan for a second property in India?

Yes, some lenders offer home loans for second properties, often with different terms and conditions than primary home loans.

What is the impact of the repo rate on home loan interest rates in India?

Changes in the repo rate set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) can influence home loan interest rates, as banks adjust their lending rates accordingly.